Friday, December 11, 2009

Woke slightly disorientated- my usual alarm doesn't seem to working: no child bouncing on the bed, no teenager asking for money? No, the peace of a hotel room, company courtesy of BBC World.

The view from my window very different in morning: river, swans, swirly church towers, bicycles, windturbines in a line across the horizon. There's also a power station with unabated emissions and an eight lane road. Says it all really: the value and benefits of moving to a low carbon economy and the challenges!

The EU summit has been going through the night. They are hammering out a deal on how to put together a package of aid to help developing countries combate climate change. But they haven't got there yet.

O.K. - am off to The Bella Centre. Hope they have pickled herring in a bun at the station!