Sunday, December 13, 2009

The official conference was closed today so I put my time to use changing hotels, freezing on the streets, reading and sounding off about the Tories on Channel 4.

I've moved to the centre of town - to The Grand. Unfortunately the only grand thing about it is the price!

It also seems to be the base for a large number of army and policemen, which is a little alarming. When I waiting for the bus, I saw 11 policevans rush past with their sirens blaring- sounding like something out of the Italian Job. (Note the gaggle of soldiers and police on the right of the photo).

The weather has got much colder and so has the general atmosphere. The centre of Copenhagen seems much more serious after the mass arrests yesterday.

I was interviewed by Channel 4 News about the Tories and whether we should go for an election. For what its worth my view is: Bring it on! The arrangement was made with London and they sent their Copenhagen team to meet me on the street. The team comprised an English journo, a Danish cameraman and a cab. I suspect their main job today has been chasing policecars looking for demos.

I attempted a bit of sightseeing, but it was too cold so I retreated inside for coffee and a read of The Global Climate Network's new discussion paper on low carbon jobs. Its a study of what is possible in eight seperate countries. And its central message seems to me to be that there are millions of green jobs that would be created by low carbon technology. Too often government action on climate change is framed by words like "limitation", "constraint" and "reduction" - the prospects for job creation is good news and something we have every reason to be positive about.

Went to see the lights at The fabulous Tivoli Gardens, then back to my warm hotel to CNN and to finish my Ian Rankin.

Am going to try to get to the conference early - like 8. Only those who know me well can truly appreciate what a challenge this will be. But the queues to get in are likely to be crazy. Will keep you posted!