Friday, December 11, 2009

Another difference between Copenhagen and Labour Party conference is that so many people carry laptops. And when there are no seats left, everyone young and old, suited or not, sit on the floor and start making notes on their computers. This is fine but makes meetings very difficult to get into if you don't get to the popular ones early

The meeting on carbon trading and development was one such. It was so full, I couldn't get in straight away!

When I eventually could - tailgating one of the speakers who was arriving late- I was somewhat surprised to see a photo of my colleague the lovely Mark Lazarowicz MP staring down at me from the screen. The speaking was raving (albeit in a Northern European technocrat way)about his report on expanding carbon trading. The speaker was recommending to delegates they look it up on the DECC website!

His presentation was pretty dense, but very interesting. He said he would send me a copy of it. When he does, I'll put it up.

I met a polar bear in the hall, who told me if we save polar bears, we'll save the world. He then proceeded to be interviewed for TV. I took his photo.

I had coffee with an American from one of the central states who told me of the deep suspicion felt by many Americans of International agreements and indeed the UN. Many people, he said, believe that the proposed international agreements on Climate Change are nothing less than an international conspiracy to undermine America's economy. It all smacks of European style socialism in their minds. Obama is very boxed in, he said.